What is Hydroflying?

THE BASICS OF HYDROFLIGHT TECHNOLOGY: The hydroflight device operates as a type of water jetpack attached to a personal watercraft, like a Jet Ski. A flyer places his or her feet inside boots, which attach to the top of the hydroflight board. Jet nozzles attach underneath the board, and a long hose connects the board to a Jet Ski.

The Jet Ski supplies power to the hydroflight device. Water travels through the hose and is forced under pressure through the jet nozzles, which provides thrust for the rider to fly up to 40 feet in the air or to dive headlong into the water.

THE SAFETY OF THE OPERATION: The iFly H2O team has fun, but never at the expense of your safety. All participants wear a life vest and helmet. The hydroflight board floats, so there’s no danger of sinking and struggling beneath the surface of the water. Swimming is not only unnecessary, but it’s also impossible. When a participant gets tired, he or she can simply lie on the water surface to relax.

As trained, vigilant and caring operators, we ensure flyers always stay at a safe distance from the JetSki to avoid contact with it. We also carefully control flyers’ height while monitoring body movement, foot position and direction. Flyers will remain at training heights of around five feet until coordinated and comfortable enough to begin climbing higher.

While the flyer remains capable of approaching heights of up to 40 feet, we’ll never fly learners anywhere near that height. Higher heights are reserved for seasoned fliers. However, we’ll make sure you have a blast. And, more importantly, we’ll make sure you stay safe.

THE THRILL OF THE FLIGHT: Flying even a few feet off the water is an exhilarating experience for first-time flyers. After gaining coordination and control, most flyers learn the how much control over height and speed they actually have (it’s not all about the throttle), and they experience freedom of flight at heights well over 10 feet and even 20 feet at times.

For even the seasoned skier, wakeboarder or skydiver, the experience is an unmatched thrill. The more you fly, the better you get. Most people are flying within the first 10 minutes of training. From that point, the sky’s the limit.

Check out more about the sport at http://www.h2romagazine.com/


The iFly Mission

Our Mission

iFly H2O offers the ultimate staycation fun in Shreveport-Bossier City. We want to give you the most rewarding hydroflying experience. We promise a fun, safe and family-friendly environment with outstanding customer service and coaching.

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Vacation Fun – Right Here at Home!

We’re the only hydroflying station within 200 miles where you can experience the thrill of “flying” above the water. No need to travel to some exotic destination.

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Why wait for vacation to pay higher prices? Hydroflying now lies within your reach. We offer affordable prices for sessions that include provided gear, training and flight time.


Our Commitment

We’re committed to providing the safest and the most entertaining ride you’ll ever have on the water. You’ll be glad you gave it a try. Hydroflying is one of the most awesome and unique water sports you’ll ever see or experience, and you’ll be surprised how easy it is. Schedule your flight today and see what it feels like to fly.

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Flyboarding with IFly h2o

I actually FLEW today!! The most exciting water sport I have tried by FAR!!!

Tyler Stowell – Bossier City

Flyboarding with IFly h2o

I can’t believe how fast I was able to get comfortable flying over the water! I felt like Iron Man! I can’t wait to do it again!!

T. Henry – Shreveport

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